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Colorbar Requests
Let your requests be made known!
Bass player color bar? (even if its been done this ones pretty… 
23rd-May-2008 11:58 pm
Bass player color bar? (even if its been done this ones pretty specific. XD)

Basically bass players are love, duh. So... if someone would be awesome and win and you know make me a bitchen' bandom bass player color bar using these pictures -

Alex Suarez
Jon Walker http://th92.photobucket.com/albums/l11/greenfan3579/Panic%20At%20The%20Disco/Jon%20Walker/th_jonwalker9.jpg
Pete Wentz
Mikey Way
Gabe Saporta

Any order - doesn't matter much. So long as we've got the hot that is the bassist. ^^ Erm, Not the whole bassist tho - just the face - if thats do-able. :D I don't really need text for it... Actually, if it's not to much trouble putting the first name of the person on their picture would be great. :D
Size wise it doesn't really matter to much; as small as you can without you know, making the faces indistinguishable and stuff.
I think that's it? If you need anything else or better pictures let me know. :D

Thanks in advance!
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