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Colorbar Requests

Let your requests be made known!

Request Colorbars!
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The original colorbar:

Marriage is love.

This community has been created in order to minimize the amounts of requests for colorbars in colorbar communities. Any type of colorbar can be requested here. Personal requests (friends, etc.) as well as general requests (celebrities, objects, etc.) are welcome!

1. Be polite. Please and thank you are the magic words. No flaming, no trolling. No personal attacks are permitted. If you don't like what someone is requesting, don't make it for them. It's as simple as that. I personally don't read every entry in this community, so if you feel that you are being attacked please contact justaredherring via journal or email.
2. Promoting non-colorbar related communities is completely not allowed for obvious reasons. The entry will be deleted. Do not spam the community with colorbar related communities either. All promotions with images will be under an Lj-cut, and all entries with promotions should have "promo" or similar somewhere in them.
3. General questions such as html help, posting help, and colorbar creating help should not be posted. This is a community for requests, and there are much more appropriate places for these to be posted, where they'll be answered better anyway. Check the Memories and the LiveJournal FAQs for information.

1.Request frequency You can only post your request once a week. You can post as many requests as you want, just only post a specific request once a week at most.
2.Multiple request posting Don't request your bar in any other communities all at the same time. This doesn't include posting your request elsewhere if you don't get a response. I have OFTEN seen people do this, end up with around three bars, and waste a lot of people's time - it's just not polite to the makers.
3.LiveJournal cuts All colorbar requests are to be posted behind a livejournal cut. It is also a good idea to post the subject of the request in the subject header, or at least in the post itself, outside of the lj-cut.
4. Include in your request what you would like your bar to say, what you would like it to be of, and a link to a site with information on the subject/pictures of it, or actual pictures. Seven is a good number of pictures, as seven = ROY G BIV. Don't expect all the makers here to know exactly what you're talking about. Requests will [generally] be done more quickly for you if you provide pictures.
BEFORE you request, please check out the master colorbar list on Lj or GreatestJournal.

Colorbar Makers
1. Feel free to create posts that say "I'm willing to take five requests, right now.", or what have you. It is encouraged!
2. No posting actual colorbars in separate entries. Post them in colorbar_crazy (or another colorbar posting community) and link the requester to the new post, or just post them in the comments of a request.
3. If you say you are willing to make a bar for someone, please try to make it in a 48 hour time period. If, for some reason, you can't do it, let the requester know. If they don't mind waiting, then the problem is solved.
4. There is no application needed if you want to make colorbars. Just jump right in!

Community Owner/Moderator is justaredherring

Our sister community is colorbar_crazy.

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(Please contact justaredherring if you'd like to affiliate. :)

Want to promote?

New banners are always welcome! Pimping this community is great, but DO NOT post an advertisement in a community that doesn't allow it.

Interested in a colorbar_req icon? Check out these, made by the lovely and talented andy_di.

Questions? Comments? Feel like giving away money? Contact justaredherring.